The High Reach Ratchet Pruner for the Silky Hayate and Hayauchi Pole Saw solves the following question.

Have you ever wanted to do some pruning of dead wood and overhanging branches from your favourite tree, but found it too high? Your pole saw doesn’t work on flimsy branches, it just bounces as you try to cut with it. And the ladder is just too dangerous.

Sintung Heavy Guage Lopper Head for Hayauchi and Hayate Pole

Ratchet Tree Pruner/Lopper

Originally the Sintung Ratchet Tree Pruner was designed for the Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw.

It didn’t take long for owners of the Hayate Pole Saw to find out about it and request a lopper that could attach to their Pole Saw.

After some time a suitable connector was developed for attachment to the Hayate. The Sintung lopper is now available for both the Hayate and Hayauchi pole saws.

Polesaw Ratchet Tree Pruner


Where would I use the lopper?

Some of the specific uses for lopper devices on a manual telescopic pole saw include:

  • Removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches that can pose a safety hazard.
  • Pruning back overgrown branches that may be blocking light or impeding the growth of nearby plants.
  • Trimming branches that are encroaching on nearby structures, such as buildings or power lines.
  • Shaping trees and bushes for aesthetic purposes, such as creating a more symmetrical or attractive appearance.
  • Overall, lopper devices on a manual telescopic pole saw are a versatile tool that can help you to maintain and improve the health and appearance of your trees and other vegetation.
  • Safety – no more step ladders, ladders or risk of falling.
  • Increasing light, both within the tree and below the tree.
  • Unblocking the Winter sun and allowing it to shine into the lounge.
Man pruning from stabilized ladder

Where would you rather be

On the ground or this ladder?

HOw Does The Lopper Work?


The Ratchet Pruner  Advantages

With most loppers you need arms 3 metres long to be able to cut through a 30mm branch.

It is difficult to juggle a 6 metre pole with a lopper on the end of it and pull the cutting rope far enough to sever the overhanging branch.

The Sintung is a High Reach Ratchet Pruner that can reach to around 8mtrs. You place the parrot beak of the lopper over the branch and pull the rope enough so that the blade bites into the branch and sticks there.

As you raise the arm holding the cutting rope a spring pulls the locking pin up the ratchet so that you have a tight rope to pull down again and bite further into the branch.

Do that once more and you will have cut through a 30mm branch. 

  • You don’t have to juggle the pole and move your hand up the rope to be able to pull it further through the branch.
  • Less effort required as you get more leverage. 
  • Less pressure is placed on the pole.

Hayate and Hayauchi Telescopic Poles

The Sintung Ratchet Tree Pruner will fit on all the different length Hayate and Hayauchi telescopic poles.

What About Parts?

Sintung Ratchet Lopper Parts

It always pays to check about parts

There’s nothing worse than buying a new item and finding out at the worst time, when you have a problem and the parts won’t be available for 3 months as they have to get it from overseas.

We have all the spare parts for the items we sell available in our warehouse at Capalaba in Brisbane. If by some chance we have had a rush on and sold out we make sure we replace or cannibalize to solve a customer’s dilemma.

Parts For Ratchet Tree Pruner

How To use the Ratchet Pruner with the Hayate Pole

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