Polesaw Ratchet Tree Pruner


The Sintung Ratchet Tree Pruner is a must have item for anyone who has a Hayauchi or Hayate Pole saw.

This item allows you to trim small bouncy branches that the saw blade can’t get into.  If you have overhanging branches from the neighbours, problem fixed with this item!
Also very popular and useful for anyone collecting seed or leaves for planting or animal rescue.  

Much easier to use than most pole loppers as this one is Ratchet, which means that once the blade bites into the branch being cut, you simply release the rope and pull again.  You have three settings on this Ratchet lopper.

NOTE 1: If you are purchasing this to fit the Hayate Pole you will need to purchase an adapter separately (SKU: 16377HAHT)

NOTE 2: The Rope handle is either wooden or plastic

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only (pole saws sold separately as are the Hayate adapters)

Hayate connector: Please – CLICK HERE

WATCH VIDEO: How to use the Sintung Lopper – WATCH HERE


SKU:  16377HR-P

In stock (can be backordered)

Sintung Heavy Guage Lopper Head for Hayauchi and Hayate Pole
Polesaw Ratchet Tree Pruner

In stock (can be backordered)