KatanaBoy 1000 Opportunity Details

Here it is. The opportunity to go in the draw for the World’s Biggest Folding handsaw. The super sized $1250.00 Silky KatanaBoy 1000.

With every competition you have to know the details or fine print. To enter the draw, you need to fulfil the following requirements.

  1. To be entered in the draw, competitors must spend over $100 on any product or products on the atcProducts website, not including postage in one transaction.
  2. Products purchased do not have to be Silky Saws, they can be anything from the atcproducts.com.au website.
  3. You do not need to use a promo code, you will automatically be entered upon checkout. 
  4. The Katana 1000 giveaway is a saw made specifically for promoting, and will therefore have the word DEMO laser engraved on the blade.
  5. If your name is the one selected, you will be contacted via phone or email on January the 8th 2024. 
  6. If you purchase between December 22nd 2023 and January 8th 2024, the products purchased will not be shipped until January 8th or 9th, but your entry, or entries will be included prior to the draw.

About the Silky Saws Katanaboy

Silky Saws in Japan have been crafting saws since 1919. They are known world wide for producing the best handsaws globally. Their knowledge of steel and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

The Katanaboy 1000 is a folding saw with a 1 metre blade. Overall, when extended and locked into place, the saw is over 2 metres in length.

You can hold this saw in one hand and pull it across a branch or piece of timber and it will cut down into it. Gravity is all you need for weight. You don’t need to put any pressure on it. You will finally understand what the woodworking teacher was saying when they told you to Let The Saw Do The Work.

The Katanboy has progressive teeth. It’s not a barn dance. Progressive teeth get bigger from the handle to the tip.

Japanese saws are pull saws. They cut when you are pulling them towards yourself. As you push the saw back, the teeth clear the cut of sawdust making the next pull cut more efficient.

When starting a cut with a pull saw, you place the blade with the handle closest to what you are cutting, the wood. You do not start with the tip of the blade on the timber.

The Katanaboy is a sharpenable saw. A special file is required for sharpening and is listed below.

We have also created a blog post and video to show you how to sharpen a Silky Saw.

It is usually only arborists who need to sharpen their blades that aren’t impulse hardened. Most people who don’t use their Silky every day, don’t need to sharpen them or replace the blade for years.


Yes even girls can do it. 

Ha Ha, not mentioning any names but someone thought it was funny to add Sometimes to the above video Title….   It was a bit funny though.

The video starts about 15 minutes in, where we are using the Katana Boy 1000. Make sure you watch for a while as our Outdoors guy Rich Hungerford from The Warrior’s Path Academy shows us all how to use a saw.

Even though he had never used a Silky Saw before, he soon figured out how to use the smaller progressive teeth near the handle to start the cut and then to progress to using all of the blade once the cut was created.

Movie gold for anyone trying to learn how to use a Japanese Pull Saw.

So come on, let the moths out and buy something over $100 from the super products on the atcproducts.com.au website.

And you never know, it could be you doing the ninja twirling of the Katana Boy. Practice with the blade closed to start with though.

Bye for now…     Nita