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Silky Curved Super Accel Folding Saw
Ultimate garden tools. The Silky Hayate Pole Saw, Silky Zubat handsaw and Okatsune Japanese pruning secateurs.
Silky BigBoy 36cm Curved Folding Saw being used for Camping
Okatsune Japanese Secateurs Snips and Hedge Shears
How to sharpen your Silky Saw
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Silky Forester Telescopic Pole Saws

Thanks to our good friends at Silky Europe for the use of their video

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Silky Zubat Ultimate 33cm Handsaw

Over 14 years in development and shortly available in Australia

Silky Outback Nata Black Axe

Silky Saws from Japan are the innovation leaders for handsaws and hand axes.

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How to grow Elephant Garlic in Australia and have it create cloves in eight months.


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BioChar and a fair dinkum Aussie plus Silky Saws

BioChar could save the planet, or at least my backyard.

New Silky Sugoi With 33cm Blade

Brand new design based on Arborist Wishlist

Mould on Channel 7

In periods of wet weather, mould can create respiratory problems

How EASy No Mould Started

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Top Ten Silky Saws FAQ

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