Gomboy Curved Folding Saw


Gomboy now with a curved blade. Great multipurpose saw for all your outdoor needs. 

The Gomboy curved multi-purpose folding Saw with a super fast cutting action has “earned a reputation as the finest folding Saw on the market. It’s a best-seller among both Gardeners and Bushman”  This saw has a mirai-me tooth style that cuts super fast and leaves an extremely smooth finish.  It also reduces resistance making this saw feel effortless to use.  Definitely an impressive saw to use!

Watch Here: How to use a Silky Gomboy – Click Here

If you would like this saw but with a smaller blade, check out the curved Pocket boy.  This is the exact same tooth style and tooth size with a curved blade.

Link to Pocket Boy Curved.

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Gomboy Curved Folding Saw
Gomboy Curved Folding Saw
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