There are nine Silky Saws with blades that can be sharpened. Eight are a fixed, full tang blade. The exception is the Katana Boy which is a folding saw. 

Silky Saws make three hand axes. The Nata, Ono and Yoki axes can all be sharpened.

All of the sharpenable saw blades except the Hayauchi have non-set teeth. That means that the alternate teeth are not bent to the left or the right. This is how western saws are manufactured. They are push saws and each alternate tooth is bent to the left then the right. That is how a western saw creates a cut wider than the saw panel following the teeth down through the cut.

The Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw has two blade sizes. Both blades have set teeth.

The video shows how you would sharpen a blade with non-set teeth.