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How to Grow Peanuts 2023

I was amazed when the peanuts I purchased actually grew when planted. So here's all [...]

Silky Zubat Ultimate 33cm Handsaw

Over 14 years in development and shortly available in Australia

Silky Outback Nata Black Axe

Silky Saws from Japan are the innovation leaders for handsaws and hand axes.

How To Grow Elephant Garlic

How to grow Elephant Garlic in Australia and have it create cloves in eight months.

How to Evict Asian House Geckos and Save Your Air Conditoners

Just to let you know how this chuck chuck chuck chirp from an Asian House [...]

How Digging in the Dirt Boosts Your Well-Being

Need to be a little bit less intense. Find answers in the garden. Enjoy Zen [...]

How to Remove Possums in the Roof

Sounds like someone is dragging a bag of oranges across the rafters