Silky Pocket Boy Blade


  • Purple Handle – Extra fine tooth blade (345-13 and 345-17)
  • Blue Handle – Fine tooth blade  (343-13 and 343-17)
  • Black Handle – Medium tooth blade (341-13 and 341-17)
  • Red Handle – Large tooth blade (347-13 and 347-17)
  • Yellow handle Curve Pocket Boy Large Tooth Blade – Size 130 mm (727-13) and Size 170 mm (727-17)

This listing is for the amazing Pocket Boy Folding saw blades.  If you feel that your saw is not cutting quite as quickly as it did when you first got it, it maybe time to get a new blade.  Or you may just want to have the full range of Pocket boy blades that will all fit into the same handle, so that you can have the perfect tooth size for every task.

To change blades it is really quick and easy. All you have to do is to turn the black screw until it falls out of the handle, removed both sides and side the blade out.  Repeat in reverse and your new blade will now be ready to use.


Silky Pocketboy Replacement Blades in both straight and curved styles.
Silky Pocket Boy Blade
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