I have to admit that it is difficult to make a good image of a 7.7mtr Stick, even if it is not extended. You will see, further down the page how far a Silky Hayate Telescopic Pole Saw extends.

If you have read any of our other posts you might have worked out that I like to write about the features of a Silky Product, and then explain what’s in it for you, the user of the pole saw. Sometimes we get carried away with the features of a product and forget that many of our customers don’t know what we are talking about. 

So let’s find out WIIFY. What’s In It For You

Silky Hayate 7.7mtr Telescopic Pole Saw Features

Silky Hayate 7.7mtr Pole Saw Features

How to prune from the ground

Silky Hayate Blade 420mm ExLge Teeth

Benefits WIIFY*
The Silky Hayate Blade is very sharp, cutting quickly while leaving a smooth cut. The smooth cut sheds water well, helping prevent the growth of mould and fungi on the cut surface.

  1. The curve design helps the user by enlisting gravity to do some of the work. The Hayate cuts on the pull stroke. The shape of the blade cuts into the branch on the gravity stroke and the shape means the user hardly does any work using it.
  2. Good design, gravity and good technique combine to help the user cut effectively with a tall polesaw.
  3. Good technique means that once the saw has created a cut in the branch the user needs only to rock back and forth, from one foot to the other, to cut all the way through the branch. Rock forward on your front foot and the saw goes up.  Rock backwards on your back foot and the saw descends.
Silky Hayate 7.7mtr Pole Saw Blade

Silky Hayate Pole Saw Head

The blade is 420mm in length

Replacing Spacer Hayate Pole Saw

Hayate Pole Lever Locking Mechanism

Benefits WIIFY*:

The Extension Pole Locking Mechanism of the Silky Hayate Pole Saw is combined with a stopper button to ensure that the pole saw stays in place and maintains its rigidity even at full extension. This design holds everything in its place so that the user can fine tune placement of the blade and cut knowing that the blade is positioned where required.

The maintenance of the lever locking system is quite easy, parts are available in our warehouse at Capalaba QLD or can be located on the Hayate 7.7 Parts Page

There is also a video showing how to replace the spacer Part Number 370-04-72

Please ensure that the locking lever is pressed in place as well as the locking button when you have extended each pole to ensure safety. 

“What is the point of the strap on the 7.7mtr Hayate Pole Saw?”

Benefits WIIFY*

The reason for the Handle strap is transfer of weight from your neck muscles when using the Hayate Pole Saw. It is especially useful when you have the saw fully extended. We made a short video to answer that question from a customer.

Silky Hayate 7.7mtr Pole Saw Handle Strap
Hayate Pole Saw Bumper

Hayate Pole Saw Bumper and Handle Wrap

Benefits WIIFY*
The bumper at the bottom protects the pole from bumps or thrusts. If a branch you are cutting starts to fall, you may want to get the pole saw away quickly. Sometimes in haste the pole may be thrust downward and the base of the pole hit the ground. Having a bumper is a protection for the pole and the telescopic mechanism.

The handle pole part is covered with a rubber wrap for a comfortable and safe grip, even under wet conditions.

Strong Lightweight Oval Shaped Pole Extensions

Benefits WIIFY*:
The telescopic aluminium oval shaped extensions benefit the user in a number of ways.

  1. The oval shape of the aluminium pole allows you precise control over the direction of the blade, something you will need when pruning at great height. The shape gives more strength and rigidity over the full length of the pole saw, and reduces bending to a minimum.
  2. The Hayate Pole 7.7mtr Pole Saw is telescopic and together ready to use. You don’t have to carry all the extensions and pole in a separate bag and then put it together when you want to use it.

How High Can a Polesaw Go

In this video we had to use a Hayauchi Pole Saw which is 6.3metres in length. The Hayate 7.7mtr couldn’t be fully extended because it was hitting the roof. But the information about how to extend the pole saw applies to the Hayate as well.

Hayate Pole Saw Oval Shaped Extensions
How To Raise a Silky Pole Saw
Silky Hayate Removable Sickle
Top Sickle Hayate Pole Saw Blade

Removable Lower Sickle

Benefits WIIFY*:

As well as using the Lower Sickle for cutting into the bark on the lower side of the branch, saving the bark being peeled back to the trunk. There is another purpose.

Removing the sickle when you cut bigger branches allows more teeth to be pulled across the branch. The more teeth across the branch, the deeper you cut.


Top Sickle 

The Top Sickle is usually used for cutting vines and removing small shoots or dead branches from the trunk of the tree. It has another much more important use as a guide to how far you pull the saw through the cut. To get the best use from a saw blade, you need to use all of it by making sure all the teeth cut the branch, not just the teeth in the middle of the blade.

The Top Sickle is also your guide, and stops you from pulling the saw through and out of the cut. You will save so much time by not having to try getting your saw back in the cut when it is 7 metres up in the air.

Parts and Accessories

No article about the Silky Hayate Pole Saw would be complete without mentioning  the available accessories and parts.

  1. The Sintung Lopper: When you have a branch that is too bendy to cut with the saw, you need a Sintung lopper and Connector pipe. Click on the image below and the product page will appear with all the information.
  2. The Silky Hook Fox: You’re backing the dump truck into the yard and the raised body is going to pull down the telephone lines. Use the Hayate Pole with the Hook Fox attached. (Not for use with electrical wires, it is an aluminium pole). Pull small branches and deadwood off the tree trunk. You’ve cut through a branch and it is stuck up in the tree. Use the Hook Fox
  3. The Silky Sharpening File: It takes a bit of practice, but there is a technique that will get you sharpening the file like a metate.

The images below are a combination of accessories and parts. By hovering over the image, a Quick View will appear. If you Click on the Quick View it will show a bigger image and a description of that item.

Very Important

There is one thing we must stress again. It is very important to ensure that the buttons have clicked into place when you extend a pole on your Silky Pole Saw. It is also as important to ensure that your levers are locked into the closed position before using.


More Tips Coming

We will share a lot more info and tips regarding Silky Saws in the next few months. Thanks for reading this far.

regards… Nita

Hayate Pole Saw Buttons and Levers

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