ABOUT Japanese Silky Saws in Australia

Arborlab Tree Care started because my father couldn’t find Silky Saws in Australia. Dad is an arborist and used Silky Saws and wanted more saws. So he hopped on a plane and flew to Japan.

Slowly we were able to introduce the whole range of Silky Saws to Australia and we were rewarded by Australians liking them as much as we did.

Adding more products to our range helped by attracting more people to our range of products. We survived as a small family business and looked for enthusiastic staff to help in our journey.

Our aim is to source and provide quality products from around the world, as well as from Australia and New Zealand, and make them available in Australia.


Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

No matter what, you have to say something good about the boss and……
All jokes aside, looking after a business, running two kids around and overseeing a home extension is enough to send anyone mental. To do it and keep on top of everything is certainly a fulltime adventure

Pays the bills

Not only the bills. Heather helps with all the other tasks from orders to packaging and chips in with cleaning the kitchen area and using the vacuum. The joys of working in small business.

Silky Katana Girls with their Silky Katana Boys

Nita and Shenae
Videos extraordinairre

As well as customer service, packaging, organizing delivery, looking after websites and attending shows, These two extraordinary, talented young ladies create all of the videos about atcProducts.