There are five Silky Pole Saws manufactured by Silky Saws in Japan. Ranging in height from 1.7mtr to 7.7mtr:

Silky Zubat Pole Saw
Silky Forester Pole Saw
Silky LongBoy Folding Pole Saw
Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw
Silky Hayate Pole Saw

Each of the Silky pole saws is unique. They have different extensions, and different blades in size, shape, and tooth configuration.
The Telescopic Extensions are different. They aren’t interchangeable. You cannot, for example, use a Zubat extension in a Forester Pole Saw. The saw blades are unique to the individual pole saw as well.
Over time, and with high usage you may need to replace parts on your Silky Pole Saw. Parts are in store and available from the Capalaba Warehouse, Brisbane

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