Okatsune Pruning Shear


Okatsune Japan bring you these beautiful secateurs!  The blades are razor sharp and made from the finest Japanese steel (the same steel from the Katana sword of the Samurai are made) and enable you to effortlessly cut through branches up to 20mm.  They will cut shrubs, roses, fruit trees and creepers.  The red and white handles are a sign of good luck and can be easily seen if left on the ground and even when buried under autumn brown leaves.  The red is clearly visible during the day and the white is for you nocturnal gardeners!

The blades lean to the right, because when you are cutting the objective is downward.  The handles are designed to feel delicate in the hand.  The grip feeling is supposed to be flexible.  HITACHI steel is used for the blades. Hardness is HRC 60.0-61.0 So for this style of pruner this is very good and means that they will achieve long lasting sharpness and durability.

(101) Pruning Shears 180mm: These bypass pruners are particularly suitable for customers with small hands. 
(103) Pruning Shears 200mm: These are the most popular pruner in the range.
(104) Pruning Shears 210mm: These bypass pruners are particularly suitable for customers with large hands.

The 200mm and 210mm pruning shears have the same size blade, but have a slight difference in handle length. The 180mm has a smaller blade and handle compared to the large and extra large size pruners.

You will absolutely love these secateurs.  They cut beautifully and with very little effort.  But the moment you hold them you will know that these are made to last.  They are quality through and through, not only will you be greatful that you purchased them, but so will your plants.

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Okatsune Pruning Secateurs
Okatsune Pruning Shear
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