The New Silky Outback Nata Black Axe Has Landed

Silky Saws from Japan are always leaders in innovation for their products. It may take some time for them to perfect the changes before releasing a new or improved product to the market. But innovation and improvement is part of their DNA.

In fact, in Japan, there is a real word for this. And it is Kaizen, literally meaning change for better.

The Overview from Wikipedia publishes Kaizen as follows

The Japanese word kaizen means ‘change for better’ (from 改 kai – change, revision; and 善 zen – virtue, goodness) with the inherent meaning of either ‘continuous’ or ‘philosophy’ in Japanese dictionaries and in everyday use.

The word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, in the same sense as the English word improvement.[5] However, given the common practice in Japan of labeling industrial or business improvement techniques with the word kaizen, particularly the practices spearheaded by Toyota, the word kaizen in English is typically applied to measures for implementing continuous improvement, especially those with a “Japanese philosophy”. 

Tony Robbins was so intrigued when he found that there was no equivalent of Kaizen in the English language, he created his own.
Again from Wikipedia
CANI, an acronym for “constant and never-ending improvement” used by Tony Robbins in his “Personal Power” book.

The Silky Outback Nata Black Axe 

Is a hatchet axe with a cushioned rubber handle and 24cm blade. Perfectly balanced for strong striking power. Also includes a case with a belt attachment for use when working, camping or trail blazing.

Silky Nata Hatchet Axe 240mm in the Wild
Silky Nata Hatchet Axe 240mm in Case and Case

Silky Outback Nata Black Axe

Includes case and belt clip

The New Silky Nata Black Outback Hatchet Axe

What do Homing Pigeons and Miyamoto Musashi, considered one of the greatest and most famous Japanese samurai of all time have in common?

Ah! I see you think this is a trick. Perhaps it is, but there is definitely a connection.

Miyamoto Musashi was a ronin. A samurai without a master. He is celebrated in Japan through stories of his unique double-bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 61 duels.

Silky Nata Black Hatchet Axe and Japanese ArmourThe connection is Triiron tetraoxide. It is used to protect samurai armour and the new Silky Nata Outback.

The colour of a samurai’s armour, in many cases, is black. And the new Silky Nata 240mm Black Outback Hatchet Axe is, you guessed it… Black.

But what about Homing Pigeons?

This one is a bit trickier.

Triiron tetraoxide, or Fe3O4, is a BLACK powder. In fact, it is the basis of a black pigment called Mars Black.

Nanocrystals of triiron tetraoxide are magnetic and found in certain bacteria, and the sensory dendritic cells in the upper beaks of homing pigeons, allowing them to sense the Earth’s magnetic field.

Now this begs the question. Will your Silky Nata Black Outback Hatchet Axe be able to find its way home utilizing Triiron tetraoxide and the Earth’s magnetic field? Hmmm… Not really something I am going to try.

But I do know that the Triiron tetraoxide will protect your Silky Nata Black, the same way it has protected Japanese armour, from the heady days of Musashi in the 1500s until now.

756-244903585756248Nata Professional 240mm, Outback191.95970g1,112g
757-244903585757245Blade 240mm, Nata Professional Outback112.20520g668g

Silky Nata Outback 240mm Black Replacement Blade

PLEASE NOTE: Our rubber handle is a wearing part and may deteriorate over time with use and opening and closing.  Please note at some point you may need to replace it.

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