Tsurugi Curved Blade Handsaw


Meaning “long sword” in English, the TSURUGI is a unique tree saw that utilizes advanced materials and blade-grinding techniques to deliver a durable, super-slender “spine of teeth,” designed to cut hard-to-soft wood, especially in tight spots!

Comes in both a straight and curved blade.

Toni, who owns the Tsurugi medium tooth straight blade stated: “When we were cutting some cherry trees, there was a branch we could not get to but the Tsurugi handled it beautifully. It is a wonderful saw – I love it! ”

PLEASE NOTE: Our rubber handle is a wearing part and may deteriorate over time with use and opening and closing.  Please note at some point you may need to replace it.

Silky Tsurugi Curved Large Tooth Handsaws
Tsurugi Curved Blade Handsaw
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