Silky Zubat Curved Blade Large Tooth Handsaws


The Zubat is a curved full-tang handsaw that has been crafted in Japan.  It is suitable for all pruning and trimming tasks, including cutting large branches.

Known worldwide as a precision handsaw used in Arboriculture, Forestry, Gardening, general pruning and farming

All curved saws work best when cutting above your shoulders or below your waist. The shape of the blade naturally cuts into the branch as you pull the saw towards you.

WATCH VIDEO: Difference between Silky Sugoi, Tsurugi Curve and Zubat Arborist Saw – WATCH HERE

Leg straps are available separately in the parts section (Code 506-04-14)

Postage:-Average Postage: $9.00

Silky Zubat Large Tooth Hand Saws
Silky Zubat Curved Blade Large Tooth Handsaws