Silky Pocket Boy Curve Blade Folding Saws


Known as the Little Giant, you will be amazed by what it can cut. A very useful tool to have around the garden for small gardening work. If you enjoy, camping, hiking even 4wding, this compact, convenient folding saw could be all you need. NOW AVAILABLE IN A CURVE blade.  Great for cutting above your head or below your waist. The curved Pocket Boy is only available in the large tooth size.

If you are after this tooth size and style in a curved blade but a longer blade.  Please look at the Gomboy Curved range.  This has the same blade but longer.

The Pocketboy is also available in a straight blade with different tooth sizes.

Click this link to see Straight Blade Pocket Boys.

WATCH VIDEO: How to use the NEW Silky Pocket Boy Curve

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  • 13cm
  • 17cm
Silky PocketBoy Curved ExLge Tooth
Silky Pocket Boy Curve Blade Folding Saws
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