Gomboy Ultimate Pack – 21cm with Black Handle

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Treat yourself to the ultimate folding saw pack!

PACK 210mm 


  • 1 x Medium tooth straight blade
  • 1 x Large tooth curved blade
  • 1 x Black Handle

In total, in this pack, you will get a medium and large tooth blade and a handle (colour of your choice)

Things these saws will allow you to easily cut are: Bamboo, Palms, Construction Wood, Plastic, Pruning small Branches, Pruning large Branches, Bone and Meat just to name a few.

Silky Gomboy 21cm (Black Handle with Medium Straight Tooth Blade)
Silky Gomboy Medium Tooth Folding Saws

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Silky Gomboy Curved Large Tooth Blade - 21cm
Silky Gomboy Large Curved Replacement Blades

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Gomboy Pack 21cm Black Handle
Gomboy Ultimate Pack – 21cm with Black Handle

From $99.90

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