Gomboy Curved Saw Replacement Blade


The blades are easy to change. They have large tooth and four different sizes:

210mm (718-21) Minimum Postage:$3.00, Average Postage:$8.30

240mm (718-24) Minimum Postage: $3.00, Average Postage: $8.30

270mm (718-27) Minimum Postage : $3.00 Average Postage: $8.30

300mm (718-30) Minimum Postage: $6.50, Average Postage: $8.30

WATCH VIDEO: Can you interchange Gomboy blades- WATCH HERE  

Click on the Blade Length required and the price will appear.

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Silky Gomboy Large Curved Replacement Blades
Gomboy Curved Saw Replacement Blade
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