Castellari B12 Secateurs


You are going to love these double-bladed shears!  Thanks to the double blade, these shears are ideal for use with fruit trees, providing precise and clear cuts that prevent bark scarring or the creation of new sprouts.

The universal grip of the shears allows both right and left-handed gardeners to use them.  The handles are made out of light aluminum and are hot-forged.  

The anodized surface treatment makes the shears more resistant over time.  The surface is then covered with non-slip material.  

The high percentage of carbon steel blades are hot-forged, all of this means that these secateurs are designed to last.

The traditional grinding face with its flat back is ideal for close and precise cuts, while the branch blocking plate speeds up pruning operations.  You will also find these very light at only 245grams.  

Ideal uses for these secateurs would be for fruit and olive harvesting.

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In stock (can be backordered)

Castellari Double Blade B12 Pruning Secateurs
Castellari B12 Secateurs

In stock (can be backordered)