Silky Big Boy Folding Saws 36cm Blade


Bigboy 36cm Large Folding Saw from Japan is perfect for camping, backpacking & for survival. A big saw able to tackle small to large branches. Incredible cutting capacity, soon to become your best friend.

How to choose the correct tooth size: WATCH HERE  CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Extra Large Tooth: These are to be used as an alternative to a small chainsaw. Sounds crazy, I know, but you really can cut a 30cm log with one of these.   Large Tooth: Large branches and sappy green wood are ideal to use this saw for.  Medium Tooth: Great general purpose, can cope with small branches and okay with large ones too. Fine Tooth: Small pruning, bamboo, carpentry, rope, plastic, PVC & DIY/Hobby
EASy Saw cleaner – To order click on EASy Spray

WATCH VIDEO: How to use a Big Boy Saw – WATCH HERE

Minimum postage: $9.00

Click on the Blade Shape and then the Tooth Size you require and the price will appear.

  • Curved Blade
  • Straight Blade
  • Extra Large
  • Fine
  • Large
  • Medium
Silky Bigboy Folding Saws
Silky Big Boy Folding Saws 36cm Blade