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Few things come close to the joys of travelling this big brown land and discovering the simple delights. Contemplate the razor-sharp images of the universe, or the beautiful blue waters, from up high over Airlie.

The Outback Silky Collection

The Outback Silky Pocket Boy

Perfect for the backpack or the glovebox. Fits easily in either and comes with a hard plastic storage case.

Outback Silky PocketBoy In Case
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Outback Silky Pocket Boy Unfolded

The Outback Silky Gomboy

The perfect length for cutting firewood or clearing trails. Has it’s own hardened plastic case. All the Outback Range have the arbor composite non-slip handles and black, nickel/tin coated blades for longer lasting in rough conditions.

Outback Silky PocketBoy InCase
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Outback Silky PocketBoy InCase
Outback Silky BigBoy 754-36

The Outback Silky BigBoy

Mountain Bike riding, hiking or on the trail bike. Strap this on your back and you are ready for everything that comes your way. Supplied with protective carry bag.

Silky BigBoy Outback In CarryBag 754-36
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The Outback

I don’t know if Silky Japan knew when they used that term Outback Silky Collection, that they were creating a collection of saws that belonged to Australia. Because Australia has the outback. And the people who live there or visit know how hard life can be there in the outback.

America may have their prairies, and canyons, but we own the OUTBACK. Only in Australia can you really visit the outback and meet the members of the OUTBACK Club. But you gotta take your Silky.

And to prove what I wrote above, I found a copy of The OUTBACK CLUB by Lee Kernaghan. It has the lyrics and I dare you to watch it without tapping your foot and singing along.

Just scroll down a bit more and find out what it means to live in the outback.