The other day I happened to notice this news item on Channel 7. I could relate to everything they were saying about mould and how it can affect your sinuses and breathing. The key points are

  • remove the source of moisture that creates the habitat for mould to grow
  • clean off the mould with a solution that kills the mould
  • have a mould inhibitor that kills mould spores and prevents mould regrowth

Stop Mould Returning

Neil Jonsen EAS

Of course, being totally biased, I think that after doing all that work, you need to place a mould inhibitor in the room to stop the mould from regrowing. When you clean off the mould it releases spores so that it can regrow.

From what I have learnt about mould, it is best to use a mould killing spray to wash down first. You spray it on, leave a couple of hours and then spray again and clean off the mould. Then after everything is clean ensure you have a mould inhibitor like EASyNoMould Gel that releases tea tree essence into the room environment, not only killing any mould spores that are there, but leaving a subtle fresh fragrance in the room.

And what could be easier than a set and forget evaporative gel. All you need to do is unscrew the cap, take out the lid liner and then remove the label on top of the lid. Easy done, and no more mould until the container is empty.

Thanks for reading and if you have any mould stories that could be of interest, leave a comment. Until I have a new thought, bye for now …. Nita

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