Sharpen Your Silky Saw in 2024

When we first started as the distributor for Silky Saws in Australia, my brother who is an arborist was in Brisbane not far from my place. He had an engineer working with him, who was great at machining and filing. He was great at sharpening Silky Saws.

My brother moved to Cairns taking the engineer. His skills with saws unfortunately didn’t pass onto me via osmosis or watching him sharpen a saw. It did, however make us figure out how we could pass some information to our clients about how to Sharpen Your Silky Saw.

Our first effort was a video showing some of the techiques used by Korean and Japanese saw sharpeners. We have had an excellent response to that video and great comments. You can watch it below.

But That Was Then and This is Now

The above video was made back in 2017. And the other day I saw a video on Youtube with the title “Restoring an Old Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw – Resharpening Every Tooth – Carpentry Tools Repair.

Slightly Different To Silky Sharpening

If you watched the video from 2017, you will have learn’t about set teeth and non-set teeth. The principles are still the same with both saws. However, Silky Saws have different angles on each side of the tooth. It takes a bit of practice to get the muscle memory to switch when you turn the blade around to file the other side.

Sit back and relax, enjoy a bit of Zen Buddihsm as you concentrate with the old saw sharpener on renovating the Old Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw.

It Was Only 7 Years Ago

Back when we did the original video, it was really a long search to find videos that showed how to sharpen Japanese Pull Saws. In fact we stumbled across videos from Korea that we repurposed. Now, there are more people from all over the world sharing information and videos.

Couldn’t Resist Adding this Video as Well

The young Carpenter Woodworker who made the above video speaks perfect English and lives in Japan. His handle on youtube is The Capentry Life and his videos are very good.

I also enjoyed another of his videos which added more information for my growing journey into Sharpening Silky Saws. You can watch it below.

Silky Saws That Can Be Sharpened

Not all Silky Saws can be sharpened. Many saws these days have the tips of the teeth hardened. They stay sharp longer and last around two and a half sharpens of a sharpenable Silky Saw.

The following Silky Saws are sharpenable:

ALL Silky Saws

Silky Hibiki Saw 210mm


Hope you enjoyed the videos

It is easy to go down a rabbit hole when you start watching something that interests you on youtube. But in this case I think it was worth it.

Hopefully you also got something out of it and learnt a bit more about Silky Saws and why they are shaped as they are as well as some understanding of how they are sharpened.

When we first started asking about information on how to sharpen them, there wasn’t much available. But slowly we gained more info so that we were able to improve the cutting ability of some old blades we had from arborists.

These blog posts and videos are for the diehards who want to sharpen there own saws. We think we have got the straight blades figured out ok. It is the curved blades that are still giving us a workout. But we will stick at it.

Until next time…    Nita

Nita from atcProducts


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