I have been using a pair of Okatsune Hedge Shears to do some pruning and shaping around the house. As I was doing it, the thought kept running through my brain that I should do a video about it as I really enjoy using the Okatsune Hedge Shears.

Because I like gardening, and feel that it creates a kind of calmness and peace within me, I not only enjoy being in the garden, but also enjoy reading about it and watching youtube vids about gardening.

It was a Zen moment when a newsletter from Mike McGroarty turned up with a link to him pruning and shaping bushes. Now I don’t look at every newsletter in my inbox, but for some reason I did with this one. And to my surprise, here was Mike, using a pair of Okatsune Hedge Shears and explaining how he uses them.

I don’t think Mike has used Okatsune Secateurs

I agree with Mike about his choice of hedge shears, but have to differ on the Corona secateurs, though they are good. But when you try a set of Okatsune and get that clonk as they power through a branch you will know what I mean.

Okatsune Hedge Shears

Short Handle

Okatsune Pruning Secateurs

Three Sizes

A Garden Adds Serenity

Whether growing from seed, or transplanting seedlings, watching and being in the garden adds calmness and tranquility to a busy life.

In the words of our outback legend, R M Williams “You’re nearer to God in the garden”.


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