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EasyNoMould Spray 5Ltr

I was introduced to the owner of Environmental Air Solutions, Neil Jonsen while visiting family members in Cairns. During the conversation with Neil I became interested in the Mould Killing products he had developed and now manufactured.

So much so that my sister and I hijacked him to show us what they could be used for and how to use them. Neil could see that we were quite enthusiastic and came with us to my sister’s house and immediately demonstrated the products and the uses that he had evaluated.

Update to this Article

Since writing this article a number of years ago we have added another article titled How to Evict Asian House Geckos and Save Your Air Conditoners

Neil Jonsen and EASyNoMould

EasyNoMould was developed the product because Neil’s young son’s debilitating illnes was diagnosed as a reaction to mould spores. Neil had imported the mould spores to his home on his work clothes. Each evening he would dump his work clothes, covered in black mould in the wash basket. The wash basket was located near the intake of his air conditioning system. This action spread the mould spores throughout the house.

After I heard Neil’s story, he gave me a rundown of the product. Based on his information I tested it out at home for a number of weeks. I am convinced that this product is worth using, particularly for the health of my children. As a working Mum, having healthy children is a blessing, and I am confident that EASyNoMould is helping in this area.

My sister and brothers are also using the product and finding new ways to use it. I will keep you informed. And if you want to try our fantastic mould-killing products, please visit our visit our shop.

Until next time …Nita

Neil Jonsen EAS

Environmental Air Solutions owner Neil Jonsen with the Tea Tree oil spray and gel Pic: Anna Rogers

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